• General Welding Positioners
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“General welding positioners” refers to those that don’t fall into one of the major welding positioner categories (floor turntables, headstock positioners, tailstock positioners, and gripper welding chucks). These welding positioners use various means to secure and position workpieces for welding, allowing for full 360° spin or rotation of the part so that the welder can remain in one position on a safe, flat surface.
Mitrowski Welding Equipment offers a large inventory of new and used welding positioners for sale, as well as welding positioner rental. Our selection of general welding positioners includes: Our inventory is always changing, so if you don’t see the type of welding positioner you need, please contact us. We’ll help you find the right solution for your application.

Pipe Rollers

A pipe roller welding positioner is a must-have for any shop that regularly welds pipes together. Consisting primarily of a flat or angled platform that support two or more circular rollers, a pipe roller allows for smooth, continuous rotation of a length of pipe as it is being welded. Pipe rollers may be mounted on a tabletop or workbench, or include a stand to elevate it off the floor for ease of use. A range of sizes are available to accommodate pipe in various diameters. Manual and automatic pipe roller weld positioners are available. 

Pinwheel Positioners

Pinwheel welding positioners provide a flat, round, rotating surface to which parts can be secured for welding operations. These versatile welding positioners feature manual or automatic rotation to horizontally turn the workpiece through 360°, as needed. Many pinwheel positioners also offer a tilt option to angle the part up to 90° for easier access. Various sizes exist to accommodate workpieces large and small.

Universal Balance Positioners

A universal balance weld positioner provides easy, 3-axis adjustment for workpieces, with elevation, 360° rotation, and 360° turning capabilities. Once a part has been properly balanced for its center of gravity, adjustments are fast and easy, with simple, locking controls that allow for quick and reliable repositioning. Most universal balance positioners are manually operated.

Benchtop Welding Positioners

Bench top weld positioners provide versatile workpiece positioning capabilities in compact frames that can, as the name suggests, easily be mounted on a workbench or table top. Most benchtop welding positioners offer part rotation and tilt features to allow for precise workpiece positioning. Electric motors with foot pedal switches make adjustments easy. A range of sizes are available to accommodate parts of various sizes.

Outboard Support Positioners

Similar to pipe rollers, outboard support welding positioners feature circular, hard plastic rollers on which workpieces can be rotated during welding operations. Outboard support positioners feature heavy duty stands to elevate parts to a comfortable height; these stands may be fixed or adjustable. Rollers are free-rotating and designed to roll smoothly with the workpiece. Outboard support stands are available in various weight capacities, up to 10,000 lbs. or more.

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Mitrowski Welding offers a large selection of used and new welding positioners, with a variety of styles, configurations, and capacities in stock. Our inventory is always changing, so be sure to check our selection often to find welding positioners for your application. Contact us for assistance in finding the welding positioner you need, or request a quote on anything in our inventory to learn more.

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