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Electric welding machines use an electrical current to produce high amounts of heat to melt and fuse metal components. Based on the type of electric welding machine used, the arc welding process can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic and utilizes both current and voltage power supplies. Keeping the current supply constant is an important part of generating a steady arc and voltage to maintain temperature.
Arc welders utilize either DC (direct) currents or AC (alternating) currents, and either consumable or non-consumable electrodes to produce the weld. Consumable electrodes change in structure as they are welded and completely melt, supplying both the arc and the filler material to create the weld. Non-consumable electrodes, on the other hand, provide an arc for the welding process but not the filler material. 

Choosing an Electric Welding Machine  

The type of electric welder you need can vary depending on your welding experience, intended application and material choice. Some methods have limitations and are best suited for small repairs to framing or fencing, while others work best for large repairs to structural components or vehicles.
  • TIG Welding utilizes non-consumable electrodes to generate heat to weld pieces together and can be performed with or without a filler metal. This process is typically used for aluminum, titanium, nickel, magnesium and copper. An advantage of TIG welding is that it is versatile and produces no smoke or spatter. A disadvantage is that it is specialized and therefore requires a significant amount of training and experience.
  • MIG or Wire Feed Welding involves using a continuously fed MIG welding electrode to weld metals. This arc welding process allows for longer welds and is most often used for projects involving steel such as automotive work. Advantages include high productivity and minimal splatter. Disadvantages are that it requires the use of a shielding gas and can be costlier.
  • Stick Welding uses a consumable electrode rod that is melted to the metal base material to fuse two metal components. A significant advantage is that it’s the easiest arc welding method to learn, but this method is also more time-consuming and is typically limited to the welding of ferrous materials.

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