Rental Department

Mitrowski Welding Equipment has a large rental fleet of welding equipment, as well as equipment available for lease. Companies all across the globe have found our rental welding equipment to be extremely beneficial to their needs.

Huge Inventory of Welding Rentals & Equipment

We maintain a large inventory of welding equipment for rent or lease. We offer both welding machinery and support equipment to meet the needs of any welding project. Our rental welding equipment inventory includes:

Our rental fleet contains a wide range of equipment, not all of which is listed here. If you don’t see the welding machinery your project requires, please give us a call at 800-218-9620 or contact us. We will help you find the right equipment for your unique needs. 

Should I Rent or Buy Welding Equipment?

When estimating your welding equipment needs, there are three important factors to consider:

1. How often will you use your welding machinery?

If you won’t be using it 60 to 70 percent of the time, you should consider renting welding equipment. However, how will cost and timing be affected if you don’t have the correct machinery available right away for regularly occurring jobs? You’ll want to balance machine use versus availability for given projects.

2. How many welding machines will you need to complete the job?

If your business does not regularly require the use of large numbers of welders, rental equipment is likely the best option. If you are regularly involved in large construction or teardown jobs, or similar high-volume work, buying your welding equipment would be ideal.

3. What welding technology do you need for optimal productivity?

Based on your clientele and project load, what welding equipment do you need to have on hand at all times? And what equipment do you require on a strictly as-needed basis? If the lack of a particular machine will affect your bottom line, purchasing welding equipment may be your best option. But if you need certain machines only per-project, rental welding equipment is the solution you need. 

A Cost-Effective Equipment Solution

At Mitrowski Welding Equipment, we know you’re under pressure to increase productivity and efficiency. We know you’re looking carefully at equipment costs and project needs. With our welding equipment rental and leasing options, we make it easy for you to run a cost-effective business.

When renting welding equipment, rental costs can be treated as a job cost. You can then charge the cost to the project and recoup your expenses. Renting welding positioners, manipulators, weld seamers, and other welding equipment, can also benefit you at tax time—there are no property taxes or licensing fees to pay, and you can write it off as a business expense.

Mitrowski Welding Equipment is your number one resource for rental welding machinery. Contact Us or get a quote today to rent welding positioners, manipulators, or other equipment, or to explore leasing options. 

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