Welding automation is the process of utilizing machinery and robotics to increase welding quality, productivity and profitability. Semiautomatic and fully automatic welding automation systems increase the overall production output by eliminating the human factor from the welding process. Since welding automation equipment requires minimal setup time and provides higher weld speeds, a mechanized welding system can produce an ever-increasing number of high-quality welds, which can increase profits over time.
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Welding Automation Equipment Advantages

There are many benefits associated with adding a repertoire of LJ welding automation equipment to your production facility. Some of the factors that will increase profits include the following:
  • Improved weld quality
  • Decreased scrap output
  • Increased overall production
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Traceability for quality assurance
  • Increased safety parameters
Additionally, LJ welding automation equipment produces weld integrity through electronic weld process controllers. Combining mechanized torch and part motions with electronic recall of welding parameters results in a higher quality weld than can be accomplished manually. This offers instantaneous quality control.

Fully Automatic vs Semi Automatic Welding Automation

There are two different types of welding automation that exist to cover the needs of all companies that are interested in switching to automation. In fully automatic welding, a custom machine, or series of machines, loads the workpiece, indexes the part or torch into position, performs the weld, provides quality control and unloads the finished product. Final product quality checks may also be designed into the machine if necessary.

Semiautomatic welding utilizes an operator that manually loads the parts into the welding fixture. A weld controller then keeps the welding process, motion of the torch, and stillness of the parts to preset parameters. After the weld is completed, the operator removes the completed assembly and the process begins again.

LJ Welding Automation Product Options

With locations throughout the world, LJ Welding Automation are experts in the production of welding automation equipment. Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada LJ Welding Automation has been delivering advanced quality automated welding equipment for several decades.
LJ Welding’s premium advanced facilities utilize both robotics and full CNC machining centers to maximize productivity and are APEGA certified (Engineering), which includes a full engineering department, CAD Technicians, mechanical engineers and Controls & Computer Programming engineers. Some of the LJ Welding Automation products that Mitrowski Welding Equipment carries includes the following:
  • Floor turntables
  • Pipe stands
  • Tripod stands
  • Welding chucks
  • Pipe rolls
  • Welding positioner
  • Tank rolls
  • Vessel rolls
  • Vertical adjust positioners
  • And more

Welding Automation Products Industries Served

LJ Welding Automation products from Mitrowski Welding Equipment are used for a wide range of industries throughout the world, some of which include:
  • Tank & vessel fabrication
  • Pipeline installation
  • Pipe & spooling fabrication
  • Pipe rigging
  • Wind towers & power generation
  • Custom material handling

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