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In addition to submerged arc welding equipment, a wide variety of “general” weld manipulators are also available for other welding operations. Welding manipulators provide precise, rigid positioning of workpieces to help properly align the welding arc. Other options include welding head manipulators that help position and hold the weld head itself for safe, consistent production, pressurized and gravity-fed flux recovery equipment for the recovery and recycling of valuable flux materials, seam trackers that use mechanical or laser guidance to maintain even, uniform weld seams, and more.

Mitrowski Welding Equipment stocks a variety of new and used weld manipulators, accessories, and related equipment. Our inventory includes:
  • Power cars
  • Cross slides
  • and more
Our inventory is always changing, so if you don’t see the welding manipulator you need listed here, don’t worry. Contact us and our team will help you find the right solution for your application.

Power Cars

Power car weld manipulators travel on a series of tracks or rails to move workpieces into better position for welding operations. Some models include crane/lift features for added versatility. Power cars can cover significant distances, up to 20’ linear or more; in many cases, tracks/rails can be expanded to provide even greater coverage for large-scale welding. These electrically powered devices feature variable speed operation for precise positioning.

Cross Slides

Mounted on the end of mechanized welding systems, cross slides are used to connect the weld torch to the equipment. They allow the user to make precision adjustments of the torch’s position. Manual and powered cross slides are available. Single-axis cross slides can be adjusted either vertically or horizontally, depending on how the slide is mounted; dual-axis cross slides allow for both vertical and horizontal adjustment of the weld torch.

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