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Mitrowski Welding has a large selection of used and reconditioned welding head positioners and tail stock positioners. These headstock positioners and tailstock machines are available for sale or rental. We stock complete sets of individual welding headstock or tailstock positioners.  As an additional service, we can rig out your headstock and talkstock positioners to meet your needs with welding gripper chucks, remote foot pedals and other options you may require. We stock major brands of headstock positioners and tailstock positioners: Koike Aronson, Pandjiris and others.

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Mitrowski Welding has welding manipulators, welding positioners, and tank turning rolls for sale and for rent. We will also repair or recondition any of your existing welding equipment, contact us for more information or request a quote today.


Headstock Tailstock Positioner Features & Benefits

Welding headstocks and welding tailstocks can be used for a variety of part and weldment applications. A head and tailstock welding positioner is typically used for long rectangular shapes that must be supported from both ends. Both fixed height rotation, centerline and power elevating models are available for ergonomic placement of the weldment. Headstock tailstock positioners also allow for maximum flexibility when lifting or rotating heavy workpieces such as trailer frames or large vessels.

Mitrowski Headstock and Tailstock Positioners

Mitrowski Welding supplies new, reconditioned and used welding headstock positioners and tailstock positioners. Let our sales, rental and rebuilding team outfit you with the head and tail stocks you need for your welding and positioning needs!
Our welding and positioning products allow you to rotate components for ease of welding and positioning as a key component of the manufacturing process. In addition to headstocks and tailstocks, we also provide you with superior quality foot pedals, remote hand pendants, gripper chucks, and outboard supports.
With our products’ demonstrated efficiency, proven safety standards and first-rate welds, think Mitrowski Welding for reconditioned and used welding positioning equipment. Contact us today for a quote on headstock positioners and tailstock positioners!

Mitrowski rents and sells all the top headstock tailstock positioner brands, including:

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